Mrz 14, 2014

4 Month Old Horse Plays With A Rubber Ball

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It appears that horses love to play too. This horse has found an unusual toy – a rubber ball. The horse tries to play with it by trying to get on top of the rubber ball. After few unsuccessful attempts he tries to jump on it but this time it completely fails!

Mrz 13, 2014

Rabbit Loves To Be Petted By Its Owner

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This cute rabbit loves to be massaged by its owner. It also likes to cuddle a lot. But what makes this rabbit very interesting is the noise that it makes while it is playing with its owner. Those noises sound like crying although it looks satisfied.

Mrz 12, 2014

Dolphin Seeks Help From Diver to Remove Fishing Hook

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A group of divers were filming manta rays when a bottlenose dolphin approached them. This dolphin didn’t come here by accident, it was looking for help and it looks like he knew exactly where it needs to ask for it. The dolphin had a fishing hook and line on its body but with the help of the divers they were removed. The dolphin had some scars but hopefully it will get better!

Mrz 11, 2014

Horse Loves Snow

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We usually see smaller animals enjoying the snow but this time it is a grown horse. It appears that it likes snow very much and can’t stop playing around with it. It sure looks funny to see such an elegant and big animal playing in the snow.

Unique Footage Of Polar Bear Hunting Bearded Seal

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Since there aren’t many types of animals living in the Polar region, polar bears must take every opportunity to find food. In this video we can see a polar bear that is trying to surprise a bearded seal but it looks like it is out of luck or maybe the seal is a little bit faster.

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