Mrz 14, 2014

Things Cats Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them

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Have you ever wondered how would the world look like if we were acting like cats? This funny video shows all the usual habits and examples of cat behavior presented by people. These situations are funny and weird at the same time!

Funny Orangutan Will Brighten Your Day

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This is a very interesting and realistic ad by Rynkeby Foods. The orangutan in this ad loves orange juice so much that it starts dancing in a very funny way once he takes few drops of it. It makes very funny moves and the video was nicely edited.

Little Girl With Amazing Voice Wows Judges And Audience

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Talent shows are getting more and more popular because of the opportunity that ordinary people get to show what their talent in front of a large audience. This little girl has an amazing voice and she got all the sympathies from the judges and the audience too!

4 Month Old Horse Plays With A Rubber Ball

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It appears that horses love to play too. This horse has found an unusual toy – a rubber ball. The horse tries to play with it by trying to get on top of the rubber ball. After few unsuccessful attempts he tries to jump on it but this time it completely fails!

Mrz 13, 2014

Rabbit Loves To Be Petted By Its Owner

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This cute rabbit loves to be massaged by its owner. It also likes to cuddle a lot. But what makes this rabbit very interesting is the noise that it makes while it is playing with its owner. Those noises sound like crying although it looks satisfied.

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