Jul 8, 2014

Smart horse opens her own stall door. But what she does next is awesome.

When the owners of this horse found her out of her stall each night, they set up a camera and found she managed to get her door opened and then she proceeded to open the stalls for all the other horses.

A Beautiful Time Lapse Of Taiwan

Jun 26, 2014

Baby Goat Learns To Walk Again. The Look Of Sheer Joy On His Face At :52 Will Melt Your Heart

Diagnosed with a debilitating joint disease which left him without the use of his hind legs, Frostie the snow goat finally ditches his special cart. Edgars Mission, a nonprofit rescue farm in Australia, helped the little goat regain his mobility.

This Bird Just Got A New Friend And He Is In LOVE

Jun 21, 2014

When I saw the end, the tears ran down my cheeks. This is indescribably.

This video was made of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE). These animal protection organization finances its activities exclusively through donations. Without the help of the Rangers, the baby elephant would probably not be alive. But with patience and skill, the worst could be prevented. The reunion of mother and child is the most beautiful “thank-you” that you can imagine.

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