Apr 9, 2014

A Heartwarming Thai Commercial For Life Insurance

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Mrz 25, 2014

Animusic, A Masterpiece of Beautiful Music and Animation

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This animated music video called “Resonant chamber” present us a very interesting instrument that is fully automated but gives a natural sound. It is like a combination of few string instruments operated by some kind of mechanism.

Mrz 22, 2014

Woman Takes Care of 32 Forgotten Kids in Jamaica

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This woman from Jamaica is taking care for 32 children. She is probably one of the most caring persons in the world by taking care for so many children is a very demanding job and she needs help. This video was made in order to help her raise those kids in the best way possible.

Mrz 20, 2014

96-year-old man writes a love song for his recently deceased wife of 75 years

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This is one great short documentary about song, love and life in general. It is so heartwarming to see 96-year old sing Oh Sweet Loraine for the first time. People can only hope that they’ll marriage will last for so long and that they would be so happy to find someone like Fred did.

Mrz 18, 2014

Pufferfish Creating An Underwater Sculpture

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Puffer fish have one of the most amazing methods to attract mates. They create real artwork on the bottom of the sea in order to find a partner. They use sand to make patterns that are visible not only for their partners but for divers too.

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